Our love for the land and its animals were established “Ver in die ou Kalahari” where we saw the first light and spent our forming years.

Two little brothers exposed to the land and how to occupy land responsibly. through the management of your herd, which would later lead to an intense love for the country and its animals.

After studying at the UOFS ( Hons in Marketing and engineering ) we established our first business in Bloemfontein which would form the basis of our part-time farming operations established in 1996 After selling this business we bought our first commercial female animals ( red in color) which we bred with Bonsmara bulls and thus our love for the Bonsmara breed. From day one our aim was to produce maximum Rands per hectare and thus all our calculations and planning were geared to maximize profit per hectare.

We are both very scientific and very keen to try and stay at the forefront of technology and innovations to ensure longevity within the agricultural environment. Our keenness to better our herd constantly would inevitably lead to establishing the Xhariep Bonsmara Stud. Measuring and tight recordkeeping is the basis to any successful farming activity these days. Without these, proper and accurate decisions cannot be made.. Being information hungry and also looking at ways to add value to our herd, we came across the Kobe or Wagyu global community. Immediately this struck us as a potential way to add value to our herd and thus increase profitability by adding quality to our meat product.

As we got more information we realize this is a unique opportunity to bring this innovative way of adding value to your end product to South Africa and after tasting the product – WE WERE SOLD Our first imported embryos were implanted in the Spring of 2015 during the toughest part of our recent drought which really influence the conception rates. Through sheer determination and belief we now have got a big number of full blood animals and more to come. We really believe that this is a certain way of adding value to any herd in South – Africa and that we have only scratched the surface when it comes to what the Wagyu breed can offer to any South- African cattle lover.

Our Aim would be to establish ourselves as the leader in producing red Wagyu’s that are fertile, well adapted to South African conditions with good growth potential. Main reasons for choosing the Red “Akaushi” Brand are: Animals are able to marble earlier under less intensive feeding practices. Red Wagyu can be ready for market at 24 months as oppose to the other brands that can take up to 36 months. The Red Wagyu also gives a bigger frame which leads to better profits per animal. Ruik jy Katbos en ruik jy Kambroo , as dit reen in die Klein Karoo.

Hier waar ons optelkinders in die Here se hand versorg word!! Coenie de Villiers se beheptheid met die Karoo maak nou sommer baie sin. Fairydale – n familieplaas van die de Villiers familie is gelee tussen Bethulie en Smithfield in die Suid- Vrystaat. In hierdie soms dorre, maar vrugbare land het n Rooi Wagyu ( Akaushi) kudde sy rus kom kry. Hierdie prentjiemooi wereld met sy goeie mengsel van rooigras, soetgras, rantjiesveld en suiwer water uit die dolomietgesteentes leen hom ideal tot die teling van die Rooi Wagyu’s onder ekstensiewe toestande . It is with great pride that we put forward our first full blood animals. Don’t be a follower – “ THE TIME IS NOW”

It is with great pride that we put forward our first full blood animals. Don’t be a follower – “ THE TIME IS NOW”