The introduction into Wagyu from our side, started much like a “college project”. Samuel Pauw who drives AL5, had the dream to produce top quality food for the ordinary man. Meat, nuts, fruit, berries and other agricultural products came under investigation. His first real agricultural project, Bullhill Pecan Tree Growers, on the Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme near the Spitskop Dam in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, had his initial dream in mind.

In 2013 he planned the first visit to Australia, to find out more about Wagyu. Hence, he, his wife, Drea and Dr Floris Coetzee went to visit all the possible breeders in Australia.

They flew into Brisbane, rented a car, and set off into the country “down under”. He met up with an old business college, Andries Potgieter, whom is currently employed by the University of Queensland, in Toowoomba whom arranged a visit to a feedlot company in the Darling Dows.

From there they met up with Barbara Roberts-Thompson whom introduced them to the Australian Wagyu Associations’, Graham Truscott, and Sam Hughes from the well-known Hughes Pastoral Company. Subsequently they visited Pete Bishop and his father from Kuro Kin near Scone, and their final visit was to Robert Reed from Mazda Wagyu in Victoria.

The main aim of this venture was to learn and see whether Al5 were going to climb “Mount Wagyu.”

Six months later, Samuel, without the consent of the other five from Al5, bought their first Wagyu. Two young pregnant F3 cows with calves on foot from Brian Angus of Woodview Wagyu at record prices, more than R 200 000 a cow.

Since then Al5, bought bulls, import semen and embryos, visited Australia again for the World Wagyu Conference and outback tour, build a network, and started with their breeding program.

The highlight of our involvement is the upcoming tour to Japan. The 11th National Exhibition is to be held at Sendai-shi in Miyagi prefecture during five days in September, 2017

Their first Fullblood Black Wagyu embryo calves have been born, their first Fullblood Red Wagyu, also known as Akaushi, embryo calves have been born.

More than 100 F1 calves have seen the light in the 2015-2016 breeding season.

Now, the future is their oyster, Al5 Wagyu is set to the challenge of the dream to produce “the world’s best tasting tender beef!”

The main aim of this venture was to learn and see whether Al5 were going to climb “Mount Wagyu.”